Our Projects

1. Breast cancer stem cell sensitivity to particle beam radiation (Giulia Negro, FWF P29457)

2. Cancer Stem Cell (CSC)-related exosomes and radiation response (Bertram Aschenbrenner, FWF P29457)

3. Targeting cancer stem cells through one drug multi-target approach (microtubule inhibition, vascular disruption and anti-angiogenesis) (ÖAD-WTZ Project funded for 2017-2018)

4. Cancer Stem Cell (CSC)-associated exosomes as regulators of tumor radiation response (ÖAD-WTZ Project Sl25-2018 funded for 2018-2019)

5. Breast cancer stem cell radiation resistance (Ingrid Shaker-Nessmann Cancer Research Foundation)

6. Non-invasive exosome-based method to predict HNSCC recurrence after radiotherapy (ÖNB Project 17620)

7. Breast cancer metastasis and lipid metabolism implication (ESMO, Mariela Vasileva-Slaveva)

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