Conference "Cancer Metastasis"

Despite the progress in cancer diagnostic and treatment, the problem of cancer metastasis is still unsolved. Approximately 90% of cancer patients die due to the metastatic disease progression. It is assumed that elucidation of the molecular mechanisms associated with cancer metastasis could help in improvement of therapy results in patients with metastatic disease. It is proposed that following aspects of the subject area will be highlighted at the conference:
- Cancer metastasis and dormancy;
- Role of cancer stem cells in the metastasis development;
- Molecular properties of carcinoma cells associated with their metastatic capacities;
- Molecular mechanisms of organ-specific metastasis;
- Circulating tumor cells;
- Therapy-induced metastasis;
- Tumor metabolism and metastatic spread;
- Role of microenvironment (tumor stroma and immune system) in metastatic progression;
- Animal models to study the mechanisms of metastatic spread;
- Preclinical findings in the clinical practice to combat metastatic disease;
- Site-specific metastasis;
- Exosomes in disease progression;
- Metabolic hallmarks of metastasis formation;
- CNS metastasis;
- Diagnostic tools for metastasis detection;
- Therapeutic approaches to combat metastatic progression;
- Clinical trials for patients with metastatic disease;
- Translational research on metastatic disease
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