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Fay Betsou invites to attend the meeting: 

I hereby would like to bring to your attention the Biospecimen Research regional meeting that ISBER will host in Luxembourg on February 27-28, 2018 in collaboration with IBBL.

Entitled “Biospecimen Research Symposium: Quality matters”, the meeting will consist of three plenary sessions, covering all major types of specimens. Throughout the symposium, international biospecimen research experts will present and discuss recent findings and developments in the field.

I invite you to have a glance at the save the date in your calendar. Registration will be available soon.

Best wishes,


Fay Betsou, PhD, HDR

Chief Scientific Officer

IBBL (Integrated BioBank of Luxembourg)
For Next Generation Healthcare
6, rue Nicolas Ernest Barblé, L-1210, Luxembourg
T: + 352 26970 – 556
F: + 352 26970 – 564
E: Fay.Betsou@ibbl.lu
Corporate website: www.ibbl.lu
Public website: www.biobank.lu

Opening Symposium Radiotherapy & OncoImmunology Laboratory "Radiotherapy meets Immunology" (December 1st 2017   --   10-17 hr   --   Nijmegen, The Netherlands)

Dear PBG members, the PBG chair Paul Span announces an opening symposium on radiotherapy and immunology and invites you to contribute: http://www.roi-laboratory.nl/divers/symposium.php


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